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TIAA Webinar Series

Hear from TIAA financial leaders who explore a broad range of topics that directly impact your financial planning.
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Previously recorded live on 12/9/2020

Outlook 2021: Cautious optimism in the year ahead

Brian Nick, Chief Investment Strategist, Nuveen, shares his insights on the U.S. election results, the ongoing pandemic and where we are on the path to economic recovery.
Expect to learn: 
  • What the election results and ongoing pandemic mean for investors 
  • Where bright spots may emerge for the markets and economy
  • Ways to optimize your planning now
  • How TIAA can help
Previously recorded live on 10/29/2020

The economy, markets and the road ahead

Roger Ferguson, TIAA President and CEO, and our panel of experts engage in a live virtual discussion about the economy and markets. 
Expect to learn: 
  • Insights from Roger Ferguson, TIAA President and CEO
  • Investment outlook from Nuveen
  • How to navigate change in uncertain times
  • How TIAA can help
Previously recorded live on 07/22/2020

Where are we on the road to economic recovery?

Brian Nick, Chief Investment Strategist, Nuveen, shares his insights on how global economies are adjusting to a “new normal,” and how this may impact your planning in the months ahead.
Expect to learn: 
  • What reopening means for the markets and economy
  • How consumers, businesses and investors are responding
  • Ways to optimize your planning now
  • Investment insights from Nuveen
Previously recorded live on 04/30/2020

Market Outlook: Navigating the global impact of coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic continues to roil the global economy and markets.
Expect to learn: 
  • How the global economy is responding to the pandemic
  • Ways the markets and possibly your portfolio will continue to be impacted
  • What you can do now
  • Investment insights from Nuveen, a TIAA company
Previously recorded live on 03/17/2020

Dealing with market volatility: What you need to know

Even the most seasoned investor may be on edge these last few weeks. Find out what you need to know to help you navigate the ups and downs of the stock market.
Expect to learn:
  • The forces driving volatility
  • Strategies to mitigate market swings in a portfolio
  • What this may mean for your financial plan
Previously recorded live on 02/26/2020

Social Security: 6 things that impact your retirement

Our experts share insights on six adjustments for 2020 that affect workers and retirees, and ways to make the most of your lifetime retirement benefits. 
Expect to learn:
  • How the latest updates impact you
  • When to begin taking Social Security
  • Ways to maximize your benefits
Previously recorded live on 10/30/2019

5 year-end tax moves to make now

Are you getting the most out of your tax strategy?  Find out how year-end tax planning can help optimize income and cash flow while managing tax exposure.
Expect to learn:
  • Ways to manage your tax exposure
  • How to keep more of the money you earn
  • Why tax planning is critical for pursuing long-term goals
  • How TIAA can help
Previously recorded live on 09/17/2019

4 strategies for a secure retirement

You've worked hard to save for retirement. Make sure your income lasts as long as you need.
Expect to learn:
  • How to pay yourself when you're no longer working
  • Tax-efficient strategies for drawing income in retirement
  • Ways to turn savings into a regular income stream
  • How your TIAA advisor can help

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