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Find out how much you can invest, and what sort of account will best maximize your retirement savings. Contributing to a retirement account can provide tax benefits.

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Talk to a TIAA financial consultant.
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“I want to be comfortable at 65 because I’m comfortable now.”
Associate VP, Student Affairs
Participant since 1998
“Having enough to take care of myself is very important.”
Director of the arts
Participant since 2010
“I rely on advice from TIAA to ensure I am on target for retirement.”
Professor and entomologist
Participant since 2000
*These quotes describe the circumstances and experiences of specific participants from one or more of the companies in the TIAA organization (“TIAA”).  It may not be representative of the experience of other TIAA customers and is not indicative of future performance or success. Individual results and experiences will vary.

Nearly 100 years of service

No matter where you are in life, we’re here to help you plan for the retirement you want.
We’re the only company to win “Best Overall Large Fund Company” award three years in a row from Lipper, an independent ratings organization.1
TIAA has made payments to retirees since 1918.
Our know-how can help you create a strategy that balances today's needs with tomorrow's retirement income goals.
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The Lipper Award is given to the group with the lowest average decile ranking of three years’ Consistent Return for eligible funds over the three-year period ended 11/30/12, 11/30/13 and 11/30/14 respectively. TIAA-CREF was ranked among 36 fund companies in 2012 and 48 fund companies in 2013 and 2014 with at least five equity, five bond, or three mixed-asset portfolios. Past performance does not guarantee future results.