Dedicated Advisory Services

Personalized financial advice for every stage of life. 

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A dedicated financial advisor working for you.

As a committed partner, your advisor can help you pursue your financial goals as life progresses, goals change and markets shift.

Your advisor

Your advisor works with you one-on-one to help build a financial plan aligned to your needs, wants and wishes. 

Advisors are supported by a team of specialists providing professional advice and support.

Service that sets us apart

We're here to help you plan for your financial goals and find ways to increase your chances of meeting them.

Together we'll build a long-term financial plan. We can also help you adjust it over time as your situation changes.

Your relationship with your team

Your TIAA advisor and client relationship consultant are your primary contacts. For more complex needs, including trusts and managed account services, your advisory team can call on specialists in other areas

Your advisor partners with you to address short and long-term goals. Specialists: estate, integrated solutions, portfolio, trust. Your client relationship consultant is your contact for day-to-day service.
What we provide

Creating a plan to address your goals

We'll help you develop a comprehensive strategy for your finances including investment, legacy, incapacity and charitable goals.

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Getting to know you

We take the time one-on-one to understand your needs, wants and wishes.

A plan

We create a customized plan, based on your risk tolerance and your investment preferences, and help you implement it.

Follow up

We can work with you as needed to revisit your plan to address your changing needs.

What you get

Goal Review

During a goal review, your advisor and team will work with you to focus on the following key items:

Looking back

Your review will include a look back at all aspects of your financial plan to evaluate progress towards your goals.

Assessing your current situation

We discuss changes in your life and other factors that may impact your financial plan.

Planning for the future

With your present needs in mind, we adjust your plan to help you pursue your long-term goals.

Take Action

Schedule an appointment​

You can schedule a time convenient for you to meet with a financial professional.​

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