TIAA Safe Estate

Where do you store your tax records? Would your family know where to find the will?

We often don't think about these things until we need to. But with TIAA Safe Estate, you can organize all your personal information and keep it secure until you and your loved ones need it.

Why tiaa safe estate

TIAA Safe Estate offers you


Your most critical information neatly organized in a secure online service backed by TIAA.

Peace of mind

If something ever happened to you or a family member, everything is just a few clicks away.

Easy access

From your desktop, mobile or wireless device, TIAA Safe Estate is available 24/7.


Security you can count on

When you use TIAA Safe Estate, you're trusting us with your most important personal information. We take that responsibility seriously, which is why we:

Encrypt all communications between us to protect your data

Read our privacy policy or visit our Security Center to learn more about how we keep your information safe.

Using TIAA safe estate

How does TIAA Safe Estate work?

Getting organized is simple


Start by choosing a topic

We've compiled topics ranging from your health and legacy to family and finances. Each topic takes just minutes to complete.


Save your files and contacts

Upload any important files associated with your topics, and create a list of your key professional and personal contacts.


Access educational resources

We have helpful articles, videos and factsheets to help you be better informed about your choices for the future.


Choose who sees your information

You decide what happens with your information after you're gone. We'll only share it with the people you've designated.