A simple path to a sophisticated default solution

TIAA RetirePlus®, our new model approach, puts you in control of the most fundamental investment option in your clients’ Defined Contribution (DC) plans—the default.

TIAA RetirePlus®

Offering a predefined set of asset allocation models that you and your clients’ can make available to participants.


Tailored to the plan’s unique demographics and lifetime income requirements while leveraging the core investment menu.


Professionally designed models simplify asset allocation.

No extra cost

There is no additional cost charged to the plan or participants for participating in the program.
Key facts

TIAA can help you provide retirement solutions for your clients and their employees

TIAA RetirePlus makes it simple for you to create a set of model portfolios that are designed to be QDIA eligible and build on the guidance and advice you already give your clients on their core investment lineup.
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Want even more control?

TIAA also offers TIAA RetirePlus Pro® a fully customizable solution that gives you full control over all model investment decisions including the glidepath, asset allocation and investment option selection.
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See how a plan sponsor is taking an innovative approach to providing lifetime income within their default

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You should consider the investment objectives, principal strategies, principal risks, portfolio turnover rate, performance data, and fee and expense information of each underlying investment carefully before directing an investment based on the model. For a free copy of the program description and the prospectus or other offering documents for each of the underlying investments (containing this and other information), call TIAA at 877-518-9161. Please read the program description and the prospectuses or other offering documents for the underlying investments carefully before investing.