Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility at TIAA is built on five core pillars that demonstrate the power of our actions to improve the lives of our stakeholders.  More details can be found in the Corporate Social Responsibility Report .

Diversity & inclusion

The power of our diverse team of professionals to meet the needs of a wide range of people

Diversity and inclusion are integral to who we are as a company. For us, it’s not just a nice to have. It’s a must.
A diverse workforce helps us better understand and address the needs of our customers.
By building a diverse culture, we’re able to provide our clients with distinct perspectives to help them achieve their goals.
We work with more than 100 diverse suppliers, and 14% of our spend is with diverse companies.

Responsible investment

Responsible Investment

The power of seeking competitive returns while making a positive impact

TIAA takes a multi-faceted approach to responsible investment led by a dedicated team that provides strategic leadership and implementation guidance in a variety of ways.
Establish and manage our ESG strategy for our Social Choice investment products.
Make investments in projects, companies and funds that seek financial returns and measurable social impact for underserved populations.
Development and execution of ESG frameworks, policies and processes across all asset classes.


The power of stewardship to enhance and protect value

We believe that good governance and effective management of environmental and social risks, not only add value for our participants’ investments, but also help the broader market over the long-term. We hold our portfolio companies accountable for ESG risk management policies and practices in three ways:


We speak directly with company directors and executives about ESG risk management policies and best practices, influencing hundreds of companies each year.


At companies where our participants have the most value at risk, we use careful case-by-case analysis and engagement insights to inform our shareholder voting decisions.

Thought Leadership

We advance the market-wide discussion of corporate governance through company engagement, public appearances and commentary.
CSR report

Making an impact

For nearly a century, TIAA has been making a difference and we continue to keep that legacy alive today in everything we do. We demonstrate that we are created to serve and built to perform through our products and services and also in how we contribute to our communities and the world. From volunteer efforts in local schools to responsible investing around the globe, TIAA makes an impact every day in countless ways. At TIAA, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about doing what’s right for our colleagues, our clients and our communities.

To learn more, please select the Full Report or the Overview for more information on how TIAA is making an impact.