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The recognition we've received isn't just about how well we perform for our customers. It's also about who we are and what we believe.

Our investment performance speaks for itself

75% of TIAA-CREF Mutual Funds received an overall rating of  4- or 5-stars

Morningstar, as of September 30, 2017
World's Most Ethical Companies

Ethisphere Institute, 2017
Diversity Inc Logo

DiversityInc, 2017
  • Best Overall Large Fund Company
    Lipper, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 20171
    Named by Lipper as part of their U.S. Lipper Fund Awards based on risk-adjusted performance against 36 peers (2012), 48 peers (2013, 2014), 37 peers (2015) and 34 peers (2016) with at least five equity, five bond, or three mixed-asset portfolios.

    Best Mixed Assets Large Fund Company Award
    Lipper, 2016, 20171
    For the TIAA-CREF Managed Allocation Fund and Lifecycle, Lifecycle Index and Lifestyle Series.

    One of the largest money managers
    Pensions & Investments, 20162

    Morningstar Ratings
    Morningstar, as of September 30, 2017 3
    75% of TIAA-CREF Mutual Funds received a Morningstar overall rating of  4- or 5-stars across all asset classes ( 37.70% 4 stars and 37.70% 5 stars ), based on risk-adjusted returns as of September 30, 2017 .
  • TIAA Life Insurance ranked #1, 20164
    34 "Best in Class" Honors
    PlanSponsor, 20165
    Participant and Plan Sponsor Services
    Signature Awards
    Plan Sponsor Council of America, 2017 (Two – 1st place, Two - 3rd place)
    Excellence in plan communication and investment education
    InformationWeek Elite 100 Ranking
    InformationWeek, 2016
    World’s Most Admired Companies
    Fortune, 2017
    Life & Health Insurance Category
    Eddy Awards
    Pensions & Investments, 2017
    Retirement preparation (Two - 1st place, One - 2nd place)
    Conversions/Consolidations (One - 1st place, One - 2nd place, One - 3rd place)
    Ongoing Education (Two - 1st place)
    Special Projects (One - 1st place)
    Training Magazine Top 125 Companies Award
    Training Magazine, 2017
    Star Retirement Award
    Mutual Fund Education Alliance (MFEA), 2016
    Digital Communications - Institutional Retirement Readiness Campaign
    CIO 100
    CIO Magazine, 2015
    #1 customer website
    #1 plan sponsor website
    #1 life insurance website
    #3 mutual fund website
    Dalbar, 20176
    Retirement Plan Monitor Awards
    Corporate Insight, 2016
    One Gold, One Silver, One Bronze
    IT Innovation Award
    VMware, Inc., 2014
    Service Provider Excellence Certification, Plan Recordkeeping
    American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries, 20147
  • 100% Corporate Equality Index Rating For Support Of LGBT Employees
    The Human Rights Campaign Foundation, 2018
    Top 50 Companies For Diversity
    DiversityInc, 2017
    Best-of-the-Best Corporations for Inclusion
    National Business Inclusion Consortium, 2017
    Best Companies For Diversity
    Black Enterprise, 2018
  • Top 10 Companies for Executive Women
    National Association of Female Executives, 2017
    Best Companies For Latinas
    Latina Style Magazine, 2017
    100 Best Companies For Working Mothers
    Working Mother, 2017
    Clarion Award
    The Association for Women in Communications, 2014
    Work-Life Innovative Excellence Award
    WorldatWork, 2014
*Important information about awards
1 From Thomson Reuters Lipper Awards, ©2017 Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved. Used by permission and protected by the Copyright Laws of the United States. The printing, copying, redistribution, or retransmission of this Content without express written permission is prohibited.  The Thomson Reuters Lipper Overall Large Fund Award and Thomson Reuters Lipper Mixed Asset Large Fund Award is given to the group with the lowest average decile ranking of three years’ Consistent Return for eligible funds over the three-year period ended 11/30/16. TIAA was ranked among 36 fund companies in 2012, 48 fund companies in 2013 and 2014,  37 fund companies in 2015 and 34 fund companies in 2016 with at least five equity, five bond, or three mixed-asset portfolios. TIAA was ranked among 36 fund companies in Best Mixed Assets category in 2016 with at least five equity, five bond, or three mixed-asset portfolios. Classification averages are calculated with all eligible share classes for each eligible classification. The calculation periods extend over 36, 60, and 120 months. The highest Thomson Reuters Lipper Leader for Consistent Return (Effective Return) value within each eligible classification determines the fund classification winner over three, five, or ten years. A detailed awards methodology can be found at . Class I Shares have no sales charge and may be purchased only by specified classes of investors. Other fund share class purchases may be subject to a front-end sales load. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Certain funds have fee waivers in effect. Without such waivers ratings could be lower. For current performance and rankings, please visit the Research and Performance section on TIAA-CREF Individual & Institutional Services, LLC, Teachers Personal Investors Services, Inc., and Nuveen Securities, LLC, members FINRA and SIPC, distribute securities products.
2 Pensions & Investments, May 30, 2016. Rankings based on institutional tax-exempt assets under management as of December 31, 2015, reported by each responding asset manager.
3 Morningstar ratings are based on the lowest-cost share class for each mutual fund and include U.S. open-end mutual funds. For a fund with multiple share classes and the same pricing, the share class with the longest performance history is used. The top 10% of funds in an investment category receive five stars, the next 22.5% receive four stars and the next 35% receive three stars. Morningstar proprietary ratings reflect historical risk-adjusted performance and can change every month. They are calculated from the fund’s three-, five- and ten-year average annual returns in excess of 90-day Treasury bill returns with appropriate fee adjustments, and a risk factor that reflects fund performance below 90-day T-bill returns. The overall star ratings are Morningstar’s published ratings, which are weighted averages of its three-, five- and ten-year ratings for periods ended September 30, 2017 . Morningstar is an independent service that rates mutual funds. Past performance cannot guarantee future results. For current performance and rankings, please visit
4 ranked TIAA Life's level term suite of products No. 1 out of 67 life insurance companies in their article titled, "The Best Term Life Insurance” and No. 1 out of 63 life insurance companies in their article titled, "4 Best Cheap Life Insurance Companies.”
5 Plan Sponsor conducted the survey between early June and mid-September 2016 by sending out approximately 40,000 survey questionnaires to defined contribution plan sponsors. Awards were given to the top quartile in each category. The awards reflect service levels, not the performance of TIAA investment or insurance products.
6 Source: DALBAR, Inc. DALBAR is a well-respected market research firm that regularly analyzes financial services websites to evaluate their online services. DALBAR ranks them for both functionality and experience design, looking for consistent, appealing, and user-centric services. DALBAR ranks approximately 30 companies. The pool of companies considered may be larger than 30. This reporting change was made the beginning of 2Q15.The participant site ( ranked number 1 out of 30 (1Q17); the plan sponsor site, PlanFocus®, ranked number 1 out of 30 (1Q17); the life insurance and annuity consumer public site ranked number 1 out of 28 (1Q17); the mutual fund consumer site ranked number 3 out of 32 (1Q17).
7 ASPPA Recordkeeping services certification validated September 2013. The ASPPA’s purpose is to educate retirement plan and benefits professionals and to preserve and enhance the private pension system. The certification program is run by CEFEX, which maintains complete independence during the registration decision process. CEFEX awards the ASPPA Recordkeeper Certificate to those firms that successfully satisfy the audit criteria and meet best practices.