Frequently asked questions


The CARES Act waives RMD payment requirements for 2020. If you have a 2020 RMD that you have previously scheduled for payout with TIAA, TIAA intends to process your request and make a payment to you of the scheduled amount. If, however, you no longer wish to receive the payment in 2020, please visit Manage Transactions on

No, RMDs are not required for 2020 under the CARES Act. Additionally, the CARES Act also waives the requirement to take RMDs deferred from 2019 into 2020.

To cancel your RMD payments for the remainder of 2020, visit Manage Transactions on

Yes, any RMD funds distributed between February 1 and May 15 may be returned through July 15, 2020. Funds may be returned to a plan that accepts rollovers, or into an IRA. To return funds, send a check with "RMD return" and your TIAA contract number in the Memo line of where you want the funds to be applied. Funds will be applied to existing allocations on file unless otherwise specified. Checks can be mailed to:
P.O. Box 1274
Charlotte, NC 28201-1274

Please note:
  • A single check can be sent for multiple RMD payments if they are all rolling into one account.
  • Funds will be applied to allocations on file unless a Letter of Instruction (must be signed and dated) is received with the check.
  • If the Letter of Instruction is not signed and dated, the request will be returned.

RMD amounts paid out to you for 2020 will be taxed as ordinary income. Please be sure to contact your tax professional about any tax related questions.

RMDs are not required for 2020, and may not be requested, per the CARES Act legislation; however, you may be able to take a cash withdrawal, per your plan's rules. To better understand your options, visit our loans and withdrawals page. You may need to validate your employment status before seeing your options.