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Averaging $150 in monthly savings and $50,000 in total loan forgiveness, the Savi student debt solution - brought to you by TIAA - makes navigating public service loan forgiveness programs easier than ever before.1

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TIAA and Washington University in St. Louis are working together to bring you Savi

Student debt is often a huge burden for people who serve others. Savi helps you navigate programs to find relief from student debt.

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Frequently asked questions

You can think of Savi as an advocate and a concierge for your student debt journey. You can visit their site to get a better estimate of how much you can save. It takes about 20 minutes and you'll be asked to provide information about your income, taxes, family, and student debt. Savi's calculator will take all that into account to show you a recommended course of action. Once you understand your options, you can decide if you want to proceed with any of the available programs.

1. Your social security number (format: 123-45-6789)
2. The first page of your most recent tax transcript or tax return
A tax transcript is a summary of your recent tax filings that can be requested from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). Each transcript includes important information for applying to new student loan repayment plans, such as your filing status, adjusted gross income (AGI), wages, and more.
You can request a copy of a tax transcript in about 5 minutes by visiting in a new window
3. Logins to any loan servicers (e.g., Navient, Nelnet, Great Lakes)
Your login information includes username or email, password, and anything else required to log into your student loan servicer's website. Your student loan servicer website is the place you go to make payments on your student loans. This information will be used to import your student loan details into Savi during the account setup process.

At TIAA, we recognize that student debt is a tremendous source of stress for many people. When we heard that student debt was getting in the way of other financial goals, like owning a home and saving for the future, we started working with Savi, a tech company that can help ease the burden of student debt.

Savi provides a free, no-commitment calculator you can use to assess your situation. You can call into their support center with any questions. If you want help complying with deadlines and completing paperwork, you can engage Savi for a small fee to act as your concierge. As your advocate, Savi will alert you to any potential issues or opportunities you may not have considered. Isn’t it refreshing to have someone in your corner?

12021 Savi Solutions PBC, as of 12/31/21. These estimates may not be typical of all participants.