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NYU Retirement Plan

New York University offers this plan as part of workplace benefits. Now is a great time to understand what is offered - think about taking advantage of any opportunities to save and invest for the future. 
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Upon hire, you can elect to contribute to the Plan up to the annual IRS limit through salary deferrals. If you are hired or become eligible for the Plan on or after May 1, 2018, you will be automatically enrolled in the Plan to make employee contributions of 5% of your pay, unless you opt not to contribute or to contribute a different amount during the 60-day period beginning on your date of eligibility.
After a year of service, New York University provides a non-elective contribution of 5% of your base salary. In addition, if you make employee contributions, New York University will make a matching contribution on your behalf with respect to your employee contributions up to 5% of your base salary.
Contributions to this account will be 100% vested immediately.

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