NSHE Supplemental 403(b) Plan

Nevada System of Higher Education offers this plan as part of workplace benefits. Now is a great time to understand what is offered - think about taking advantage of any opportunities to save and invest for the future. 
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You may elect to contribute a specific dollar amount from your regular salary, on a before-tax basis (or after-tax basis for Roth contributions), to your supplemental retirement plan. This plan consists only of your voluntary contributions deducted from your payroll. There is no employer matching with this plan.
Any person who is employed by the NSHE, excluding any person who is providing services to the NSHE as an independent contractor and excluding student employees and leased employee.
Contributions to this account will be 100% vested immediately.
Fees and plan expenses depend on the specific investments you select. To learn about expenses associated with an investment, select Research and Performance from the Investment Options tab and read the fund profile or prospectus for each investment.

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NSHE Supplemental 403(b) Plan - RETIREMENT CHOICE PLUS (84) - Enrollment Form
*Need help completing the enrollment form? Call your HR Benefits office at 800-842-2252. Visit Investment Options to view your available funds.