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1These asset allocation approaches are intended to serve as educational tools to help you identify a mix of assets that may be able to help you meet your investment goals and should not be deemed to be investment advice. Your circumstances are unique and you need to assess your own situation and consult with an investment adviser to receive personalized advice. All examples used are hypothetical and are designed for illustrative purposes only.

Investing involves risk. There is no assurance that the goals will be met. The ultimate decision on asset allocation is yours to make. It is up to you to implement this asset mix if you choose to do so. In considering these model allocations for your portfolio, keep in mind that they do not take into account your other assets or other sources of retirement income. It's therefore important that you consider your entire personal financial situation in evaluating the proposed portfolio. In addition, your circumstances may change over time so review your financial strategy periodically to make sure it continues to meet your goals and needs.

Nothing contained herein is a recommendation to buy, sell or exchange any fund or account. We cannot guarantee the suitability or potential value of any investment and we are not responsible for any losses incurred on any investment.

There is no guarantee that asset allocation reduces risk or increases returns.