Our mission

Passion for life, meet money for life

Helping those who help others find confidence in retirement is our mission. Founded 100+ years ago to help teachers retire with dignity, our reach now extends well beyond education. We stand hand-in-hand with 5M+ clients to help fortify their money and ignite their dreams.

Lifetime income

We're here to help you pursue the retirement you envision

TIAA annuities can help you save for retirement and replace your salary when you stop working.

Guaranteed growth

With fixed annuities, the value of your retirement savings is guaranteed to increase every day, even in volatile markets.1

Low costs

Our annuities are priced for use in retirement plans, so the cost is typically lower than annuities sold outside of a retirement plan.2

Growth potential

With our variable annuities, both your savings and your income have the potential to grow to capture market gains and offset inflation.3

Advice & education

Advice for everyone

Making decisions about your money and your future isn't easy. That's why we offer personalized advice at no added charge.4

Working for you

Putting earnings to work for you

Our purpose is helping you pursue your financial goals. With no outside shareholders, other than our Board of Overseers - which is a not-for-profit entity - we are focused on your financial well-being.

1Guarantees are based upon the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.

2Lower expenses do not necessarily result in higher returns.

3Payments from variable annuity accounts are not guaranteed and will rise or fall based on investment performance.

4Investment advice is available through TIAA using an advice methodology from Morningstar Investment Management, LLC. Certain products and services are only available to eligible individuals.