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  • You are able to fund your brokerage account through a variety of methods; including ACH (electronic funds transfer), check, wire, certificate deposit, transfer from another account (at TIAA or another firm), and direct deposit. Some restrictions and fees may apply. Call us at 800-927-3059, weekdays from 8 am - 7 pm ET.
  • There is no fee to transfer money electronically to your TIAA Brokerage account from your bank account. For most accounts, you are able to add your bank account to your brokerage account by logging in at Select the Transfer Money or Fund Account buttons located at the top of the screen within your brokerage account.
  • TIAA Brokerage is unable to accept physical checks directly in our offices, via a branch or through an advisor. Please make checks payable to TIAA Brokerage FBO (for benefit of) Your Name and include your full account number or list your Brokerage account number on the face of the check.
    We are unable to accept cash, starter checks, traveler's checks, money orders, or third-party checks/double endorsed checks. The check registration or payee should match the registration on the account or be from a listed account owner.
    Please print and mail a Check Deposit Ticket with your check.  Mail checks to the applicable address listed below, rather than the address listed on the Check Deposit Ticket.  Checks should be sent to:
    Non-IRA accounts
    Regular U.S. Mail: 
    Pershing LLC 
    PO Box 382121 
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15250-8121
    Overnight Mail: 
    Pershing LLC 
    Attn: 382121 
    500 Ross Street 154-0455 
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15262-0001
    IRA accounts
    IRA Contributions:
    Regular and Overnight U.S Mail: 
    Pershing LLC 
    400 South Hope Street, Suite 500 
    Los Angeles, CA 90071 
    Regular U.S. Mail - Retirement rollover deposits: 
    Pershing LLC - Rollover Processing 
    P.O. Box 382084 
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15250-8084 
    Retirement transfer deposits: 
    Pershing LLC - Transfer Processing 
    P.O. Box 382091 
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15250-8091 
    Overnight Mail - Retirement Rollover or Transfer:
    Pershing LLC 
    Attn: 382121 
    500 Ross Street 154-0455 
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15262-0001
  • Funds wired to your TIAA Brokerage account are usually received same day. Wires must be in U.S. dollars. Sometimes the company sending the wire will charge you a fee. Please provide your financial institution with the following information:
    Bank of New York
    One Wall Street
    New York, NY 10286
    ABA# 021000018
    Pershing LLC
    Account 890-051238-5
    For further credit to: TIAA Brokerage account title and account number
  • Please review the most current IRS contribution limits for Traditional and Roth IRAs before making a contribution.
    You are able to contribute to your IRA through electronic funds transfer online at no charge from TIAA Brokerage. Log into your account on Select the Transfer Money button, located at the top of the page and follow the steps. If you don't have a bank account on file, you will be able to add a bank and request a contribution.
    To make an IRA contribution by check, please download a deposit ticket to include with your check. You should note the contribution year and and your IRA account number. It is important to note that TIAA Brokerage is unable to split checks between different accounts and each deposit requires a separate check. All checks must be to the following address, rather than the address listed on the Check Deposit Ticket:
    Regular and Overnight U.S Mail: 
    Pershing LLC 
    400 South Hope Street, Suite 500 
    Los Angeles, CA 90071 
    To send in an IRA contribution by wire, please use our wire instructions and include the contribution year. Your sending institution may charge you a fee to wire your contribution.
  • Many Transfer Agents now charge a fee when depositing certificates into accounts outside of the Transfer Agent.  You may want consider depositing the certificate(s) directly with the Transfer Agent and then transfer into your account at TIAA. 
    For more details, contact TIAA Brokerage at (800) 927-3059, weekdays, 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. ET. 
  • Direct deposit is an option to fund your account by sending money directly from your employer, Social Security, or the IRS. You are also able to direct payments from other sources including pension or annuity payments or send money from your bank account to your brokerage account.
    To establish direct deposit instructions, you will need to provide the sending party or bank the required account information. Use the TIAA Brokerage Direct Deposit form to assist you in establishing direct deposit instructions.
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