Retirement Plans

TIAA-CREF provides retirement plans at more than 15,000 colleges, universities, schools, research centers, medical organizations and other nonprofit institutions.

Employer-sponsored retirement plans

Defined Contribution / Retirement Plans 
Offered through your employer, contributions to these plans are tax deferred. In most cases your employer makes contributions on your behalf.

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Supplemental Retirement Plans 
Tax deferred plans that allow you to save more for retirement in addition to the basic retirement plan offered by your employer.

Small-business retirement plans

Tax-deferred retirement plans for small-business owners and their employees.

A Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan is easy to manage and involves a reduced level of paperwork, for certain businesses, as compared to Keogh Plans.

TIAA-CREF record keeps two types of Keogh plans: Profit Sharing and Money Purchase.  TIAA-CREF no longer offers new employer Keogh plans after 12/31/2012.

A Savings Incentive Match Plan (also known as a SIMPLE IRA) gives small businesses a convenient way to contribute to their employees’ — and their own — retirement.

Individual investors

Traditional and Roth IRAs can be used to make periodic investments and/or to consolidate assets into one account.*

After Tax Annuities 
Get the benefit of tax-deferred growth potential and a choice of distribution options. Especially appropriate for individuals who already contribute the maximum to qualified retirement plans or IRAs.

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