When you choose the TIAA-CREF Portfolio Advisor Program, you enjoy customized investment management that helps you meet your financial goals — while also managing risk. You have the benefits of personalized, disciplined investment management driven by your investment objectives and goals.

What's important to you?

What's Important to You

A custom-tailored portfolio.

Portfolio Advisor considers a series of investment issues that you care about — and uses them to create a portfolio based on what’s important to you. For example, we can create a portfolio designed to help reduce exposure to major downward market movements.

A comprehensive portfolio.

Your tailored portfolio will include an asset allocated mix of mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) chosen through a disciplined research process. Your existing holdings may also be included as a transition management strategy.

Professional portfolio management.

Our research team isn’t done when your portfolio is fully invested — that’s really just the beginning. Once your portfolio is set up, we automatically handle all decisions on your behalf, including:

Simple fee structure.

Portfolio Advisor program fees are straightforward and based on the assets in your account.

Ready to get started?

To learn more about Portfolio Advisor, please call your Advisor. If you don’t have a TIAA-CREF Advisor, you can:

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 Portfolio Advisor - An Investment Plan That’s Built For You
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