Working with TIAA

Note to call center representative: This section provides you with ways to contact TIAA when you need additional information or help answering a participant’s questions.


Additional information is available on the TIAA support site for the TIAA Secure Income Account which can be accessed at:
If you require additional support regarding lifetime income conversations or questions from participants on this topic, please initiate a three-way call and ask a trained TIAA Lifetime Income Consultant to join the call. You can call us at 844-7-INCOME (746-2663).
In addition, you can request general product level support by emailing TIAA at

Topics or phrases spoken by participants that are triggers for when you should ask a TIAA Lifetime Income Consultant to join your call include:
  • Any of the topics covered in section VII above.
  • Lifetime income/Income for life/Ensuring I don’t run out of money.
  • Options for income from the TIAA Secure Income Account.
  • How much income can the TIAA Secure Income Account provide?
  • How does annuitization/lifetime income work?
  • Ensuring my loved ones receive income if I pass away before they do.
  • Guaranteed income/Protected income/Predictable income
  • Closing the gap between essential living expenses and income from Social Security and/or pensions.

Specially trained TIAA Lifetime Income Consultants stand ready to join your call by dialing 844-7-INCOME (746-2663).

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact   TIAA will be happy to help you.