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From accumulating assets in the plan through managing income during retirement, TIAA can provide your employees with investment products designed to help them in each of their life stages to and through their retirement years. TIAA distinguishes itself by making products that provide lifetime income options2 the foundation of its platform — offering plan sponsors a comprehensive approach to investment menu design that can support both asset accumulation potential and retirement income options.

Potential for Asset Accumulation to get participants to retirement

Please keep in mind that there are risks associated with investing in securities including possible loss of principal.

Retirement Income Options – a foundation to get employees through retirement



Potential for Asset Accumulation

A high standard for plan success

When these products are combined with an employee engagement model that includes both guidance and advice services to support a wide range of participant needs, you have a strategy for meeting and exceeding your fiduciary responsibilities and setting employees on the path to planning for their retirement readiness.

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