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TIAA Planned Giving & Endowment Online Security Guidelines


The Planned Giving and Endowment web services allow authorized users to access certain information relating to your institution's planned giving and endowment accounts for the purpose of trust account administration.

Authorized users of these services agree to maintain the security of the services and the confidentiality of the information.

Use of these services signifies your agreement to comply with these security guidelines, and TIAA reserves the right to revoke the access of anyone who violates these guidelines.

From time to time, authorized representatives of TIAA may monitor the use of these services by authorized users; authorized users should not expect their use of the services to remain private and agree that TIAA may monitor and/or disclose their activity.

TIAA will revoke access for any authorized user who engages in improper conduct with regard to these services or the information obtained through the services. Examples of improper conduct include:

  • Deliberately bypassing or probing security measures
  • Disclosing or failing to protect sensitive, confidential or proprietary information
  • Failure to maintain the confidentiality of the security question and answer or the user ID and password
  • Sharing or distributing proprietary or copyrighted software
  • Using these services in connection with any illegal, fraudulent or unethical activities, or activities that may be embarrassing or detrimental to TIAA
  • Introducing or attempting to introduce viruses into TIAA's systems
  • Transmitting encrypted materials in violation of export laws

TIAA will not be held liable for the misuse of these services. In the event you or any authorized user terminates employment with your institution, TIAA requests that you notify us immediately and we will revoke these services.

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