Plan Sponsors

Service & Fee Disclosure Support


Department of Labor (“DOL”) fee disclosure regulations are in full effect. You have access to more information than ever before to help evaluate the effectiveness of your retirement plan. But with this greater access comes more responsibility—you need to ensure your service provider compensation is reasonable and that participant disclosures are delivered in a timely manner. We not only keep you up-to-date on the latest regulatory developments, but also work with you to develop a course of action to keep your plan in compliance. We support you with:

  • Information and insight to make compliance more manageable and minimize risk
    • Timely communications and educational webinars
    • Industry perspectives
    • Online fee disclosure center
  • Clear, concise information about plan costs and an explanation of your Plan’s products and services
    • Initial Service & Fee Disclosure package
    • Updated disclosures for any new services, products or investments added to your plan
    • Four annual fee disclosure reports included as part of your Plan Financial Reporting Package
  • Access to Disclosure Assist® – a flexible web-based tool to help you:
    • Access disclosure documents for all of your TIAA plans
    • Aggregate other service provider information to create consolidated disclosure notices, if applicable
    • Coordinate the delivery of your disclosures to all eligible participants and beneficiaries