Plan Sponsors

Plan Sponsor Services


We offer a variety of services to help you gain efficiency in your plan management with a strong team, comprehensive services and fiduciary support — all aimed at reducing costs, driving efficiencies and mitigating risk as you manage your plan on a daily basis.

Client Support

Our experienced client service team members will work with you, your plan advisors, and other members of the TIAA support team to help you pursue the following goals in retirement plan administration:

Once implemented, your team focuses on ongoing plan health. Plan costs, participant data, and administrative efficiency are in continual review to ensure your plan is operating at its best and remains focused on your stated goals and the needs of your participants. We'll provide input on benefits policy strategies, investment policy and selection,* review and analysis of peer group data, benefits statistics and trends in participation to target areas of your plan that need improvement.

Ongoing plan management, monitoring and reporting is simplified with PlanFocus®, our comprehensive plan sponsor website. Here you have secure access to:

The site is also packed with a wide range of tools, resources, information and support to help you understand and manage your responsibilities as a plan sponsor, increase your efficiency in meeting them, and mitigate your risk.

Fiduciary & Compliance Services

Understanding and meeting your fiduciary obligations is a requirement for ERISA plans and is recognized as a best practice for non-ERISA plans. And, all plans must comply with IRS regulations. Whether working on your own or with the support of an advisor, TIAA offers a suite of services that can assist you in managing ever-increasing regulatory demands — allowing you to stay focused on maintaining a competitive plan that helps your participants plan for their financial well-being.  More...

Implementation Services

Keeping your plan aligned with your business needs and your employees' goals sometimes requires a change. Whether you’re implementing a new retirement plan with TIAA, or considering enhancements to your existing plan with us, we offer comprehensive support.  More...