Plan Sponsors

Expanding your workforce’s retirement savings options


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As a plan sponsor, you want your employees to save for retirement. Yet some of your employees can save more than your retirement plan allows. An IRA would allow these employees to save beyond your plan limits and also provides a way for workers who can’t participate in your plan—such as adjunct faculty members—to save for retirement.

You can put all your workers on track to greater retirement security by educating them about IRAs. 

More than just a retirement savings account

IRAs are much more than just a place for Americans to invest their savings. With the right provider, they also can provide workers with access to valuable financial advice and the option to create retirement income that they can’t outlive.

Unfortunately, TIAA’s fifth annual IRA Survey1 found that few Americans look at the full range of IRA features. These features can help workers better prepare for retirement. That’s why it’s so important to raise awareness about IRAs.

Most important factos in choosing an IRA

IRA education can make a difference with younger workers
Education is likely to have the greatest impact on workers that aren’t very familiar with IRAs. The survey highlights an opportunity for more IRA education with one segment of the population: Gen Y. Thirty-five percent of Gen Y respondents who are not contributing to an IRA say they do not know enough about IRAs to consider using one.

Retirement security is the goal
Educating your entire workforce about IRAs can go a long way to helping them pursue long-term financial well-being. Ultimately, your workforce will appreciate the retirement planning support you offer them.

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