Fiduciary Responsibility Series

Plan sponsorship has never been easy – and today’s unpredictable financial environment further complicates your role as a fiduciary. TIAA’s Fiduciary Responsibility Series can help guide you through the challenging regulatory landscape.

Part 1: Eye on the target - the basics of fiduciary responsibility
The first in our series outlines the basics, provides steps to success, and points out common mistakes fiduciaries sometimes make.

Part 2: Plan documents - the cornerstone of compliance
A look at the importance of plan documents to fiduciary responsibility and how to avoid common missteps related to plan document compliance.

Part 3: Disclosures to participants - the responsibility to inform and educate
A discussion of the requirements and potential errors surrounding your fiduciary duty to disclose information about plan changes and provide adequate investment education and fee disclosure.

Part 4: Investments - Laying a foundation for lifetime income
How fiduciaries can prevent mistakes related to selecting and monitoring investments to help reduce the possibility of investment losses that could undermine retirement readiness.

Part 5: Governance - a framework for sustaining fiduciary responsibility
An overview of what governance is and its importance to plan sponsors, as well as a review of the responsibilities of fiduciaries and the legal exposures of governance-related mistakes.

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