The TIAA Guaranteed Interest Account is designed specifically as a tool for managers of target-date and target-risk collective investment trust funds and separately managed accounts seeking a guaranteed return option for a portion of their fund asset allocation portfolio.

Withdrawals while the contract is active

Some liquidity guardrails are required in order to provide competitive interest crediting rates. TIAA's standard provisions allow:
  • Unrestricted pro-rata withdrawals from the TIAA Guaranteed Interest Account to pay participant benefit payments (transfers and withdrawals) from the fund, assuming the fund’s cash and short-term portfolios provide some buffering.
  • Unrestricted withdrawals from the TIAA Guaranteed Interest Account for rebalancing to pre-existing target allocations (as long as TIAA has reviewed and accepted the Fund’s glidepath, target allocations, tolerances for drift around the targets and re-balance frequency).

A 20% per year combined TIAA Guaranteed Interest Account withdrawal threshold for i) rebalancing following ad hoc manager-initiated target allocation changes and ii) plan mappings out of the fund, each with additional liquidity potentially available during the year.