Making lifetime income the new retirement plan focus

Is it really a retirement plan without lifetime income?
Retirement Leadership

Advocating policy changes and offering innovative retirement planning solutions

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Closing the guarantee gap

Just 5% of 401(k) plans offer participants access to a lifetime income option. This guarantee gap is why so many retirees are afraid of running out of money.
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Changing the legal landscape

Modest changes to laws and regulations governing pensions and annuities could help promote and incentivize lifetime income solutions within 401(k) plans.
Lifetime Income Solutions

Retirees need income that never retires

Our lifetime income solution can help protect lifelong savings balances against major risks—it’s like adding a pension-style payout to a 401(k) plan to deliver income retirees can never outlive.1

Mitigating major risks in retirement

Effective lifetime income solutions can help to reduce the major risks faced by retirees, including longevity, inflation, interest rate, stock market and sequence of returns risk.

Enhancing your QDIA with lifetime income

Securing retirement income to last for life and help mitigate major investor risks can enhance your QDIA and help your employees retire on their terms.
Retirement Trends

Our latest Plan Sponsor Retirement Survey research highlights concerns about employees’ retirement savings and income potential.

Enhancing your Target Date Strategy

Solving the retirement income problem with customized target date strategies

Employers are concerned about employee retirement readiness. Employees are looking for guaranteed retirement income. 401(k) plans are poised to offer custom solutions that can address both issues.

Guaranteed growth. Income for life. A stronger QDIA.

The “one size fits all” model of target date funds is often more like “one size fits no one.” Custom target date strategies with the option to receive lifetime income can help create better retirement outcomes.

401(k) plans expand their role

401(k) plans are evolving into a partnership between workers, employers and plan providers to ensure participants have options for securing lifetime income.
1 Guarantees are based upon the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.