Financially empowering women

Lisa's optimistic, but a bit nervous about retirement. Plan sponsors like you can help empower women like Lisa to navigate financial challenges and make decisions that may drive better retirement outcomes.

Women’s finances

Looking for financial

Only 26% of women feel confident making investment decisions, although more than half of them are the primary breadwinners.1

Acting after receiving financial advice

75% of women who receive financial advice take action.2

Live longer

On average, American women live 3 years longer than American men. So women need their savings to last longer.3

Helping female employees plan for their financial futures

TIAA’s Woman2WomanSM online community offers access to financial professionals, articles relevant to their life situations, and opportunities to share ideas and engage in thoughtful conversations with other women.


How does the gender gap influence your financial plan?

Get the answer in a white paper written by Diane Garnick, Chief Income Strategist at TIAA with two decades of experience structuring retirement and investment solutions. At TIAA, she develops TIAA’s lifetime income strategies. These products are often seen as complicated, so Diane’s approach focuses on simplicity.

She currently serves on the board of the CFA Institute Research Foundation, is a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Retirement, and volunteers with Habitat for Humanity. She also chaired the CHRISTUS Healthcare Investment Committee.

Read her white paper to learn more about how the gender gap affects women during their working years and how they can plan and save.
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