Advisory Services

Advice and education to help meet employee retirement goals
Personalized support

Participants with access to an advisor have more confidence in their retirement decisions.

57% without Advisor vs. 82% with Advisor
1 Brightwork Partners/NMG Consulting, DC Participants (VDP4) 403(b) Deep Dive, February 2018

Education and personalized advice

Your employees can take advantage of TIAA’s support in ways that work for them.

Retirement Education

  • Explain plan rules
  • Support plan enrollment
  • Promote good saving habits

Personalized plan advice

  • Provide asset allocation strategies
  • Assess additional savings needs
  • Estimate retirement income
  • Describe plan distribution options

Customized financial planning

  • Provide holistic planning to address more complex need
  • Share ways to protect and pass along assets
  • Discuss more specialized products
*General education is not, and should not be construed as, fiduciary investment advice.
Our process

Delivering targeted support

We work with your employees with a process that is:
Flexible to address participants' varied financial needs and preferences
Built with a system of impartial controls, including a third-party source for retirement plan investment recommendations
Designed to meet all regulatory requirements with an impartial review process, documentation and reporting requirements

Education and advice for your employees

See how TIAA’s retirement plan advice and education and Retirement Advisor tool can help your employees plan for the retirement they desire.