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Retirement income that never retires

The TIAA Secure Income Account provides guaranteed growth and income for life.*


The need to think differently about retirement plan design

NEW TIAA Solution for the 401(k) Market

For the first time in its 100-year history, TIAA is offering its industry-leading guaranteed lifetime income solutions to the corporate 401(k) market through the TIAA Secure Income Account.*

Guaranteed Lifetime Income

The TIAA Secure Income Account is specifically designed for use as an allocation in managed accounts and custom model portfolios. This is an in-plan, institutionally priced fixed annuity that provides guaranteed interest and protected income for life.* 

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Learn how participants can have protected savings and growth, and benefit from lifetime income

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Learn how to strengthen retirement plan defaults with lifetime income solutions

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What you Get

Advantages of the TIAA Secure Income Account

Adding a guaranteed savings and lifetime income solution to your QDIA-eligible managed account or custom model portfolio can enrich your program and help even the most unengaged participants pursue the lifestyle they've envisioned in retirement.

Guaranteed growth, protected savings and lower volatility

The dependable combination of principal protection and guaranteed rates of return can lower overall portfolio volatility.*

A "paycheck**" for life

Provides participants with the option to receive retirement income that never runs out from all or part of their TIAA Secure Income Account  balance — similar to a DB-style payout, but without worrying about DB funding requirements.

Opportunity for more growth and income

Our "sharing the profits" approach seeks to reward participants with additional growth and income. Contributing regularly over time can reward participants with additional amounts of interest and lifetime income, the longer they contribute.**


Portfolio evaluator and lifetime income calculators

Evaluate the impact

See how adding a guaranteed investment solution can impact your managed account or custom portfolio.

Calculate lifetime income

Calculate how much lifetime income a participant may receive in retirement from the TIAA Secure Income Account.


Find out more

Think differently

Find out why you should be thinking differently about retirement plans with lifetime income.

Mitigate risk

Understand how in-plan annuities can help mitigate risk.

Meet employees' needs

Does your plan design meet your employees' lifetime income needs?

Meet fiduciary requirements

TIAA meets the financial capability standards within the SECURE Act.


The power of TIAA and Nuveen

These financial leaders have partnered to offer strength, stability and experience in retirement income planning.

$183.5 Billion

In stable value accumulation values, making TIAA the largest manager of qualified plan stable value assets1

$505 Billion

In retirement benefits paid since 1918, as of December 31, 20202

1 of only 3

U.S. insurers to hold the highest possible ratings from 3 of the 4 leading ratings agencies3

Over $1.3 Trillion

In assets under management, as of September 30, 20214

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Modernize your plan today with the TIAA Secure Income Account.

*Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuer.

**'Paycheck' is the annuity income received in retirement.  Guarantees of fixed monthly payments are only associated with TIAA's fixed annuities. *** TIAA may share profits Secure Income Account owners through declared additional amounts of interest and through increases in annuity income throughout retirement. These additional amounts are not guaranteed.

1 Source: LIMRA 3Q4Q 2020 Stable Value and Funding Agreement Product Survey. Based on a survey of 18 insurance companies and 2 banks reporting $760.4 billion in stable value amounts associated with qualified stable value assets. TIAA ranked first in total values.

2 As of December 31, 2020. Other benefits from TIAA include: surrender benefits and other withdrawals, death benefits, health insurance and disability insurance benefits, and all other policy proceeds paid.

3 For stability, claims-paying ability and overall financial strength, Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA) is  one of only three insurance groups in the United States to currently hold the highest possible rating from three of the four leading insurance company rating agencies: A.M. Best (A++ rating affirmed as of July 2021), Fitch (AAA rating affirmed as of November 2021) and Standard & Poor's (AA+ rating affirmed as of September 2021) and the second-highest possible rating from Moody's Investors Service (Aa1 rating affirmed as of May 2021). There is no guarantee that current ratings will be maintained. Ratings represent a company's ability to meet policyholders' obligations and do not apply to any product or service not fully backed by the issuer's claims-paying ability. The ratings also do not apply to the safety or the performance of the variable accounts or mutual funds, which will fluctuate in value.

4 As of September 30, 2021 assets under management across Nuveen Investments affiliates and TIAA investment management teams are $1,331 billion.

This material is for informational or educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice under ERISA. This material does not take into account any specific objectives or circumstances of any particular investor, or suggest any specific course of action. Investment decisions should be made based on the investor's own objectives and circumstances.

The TIAA Secure Income Account is subject to certain state insurance department regulatory approvals. The contract has been approved in all states except New York. As a result, information provided within this presentation regarding the features, benefits and availability of this product may be subject to change.

The TIAA Secure Income Account is a guaranteed insurance contract and not an investment for federal securities law purposes. Interest credited to the TIAA Secure Income Account includes a guaranteed rate, plus additional amounts as may be established by the TIAA Board of Trustees. Additional amounts are not guaranteed for periods other than the period for which they are declared. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.