Helping retirement plan participants understand the importance of protected lifetime income

TIAA is a proud founding member of the Alliance for Lifetime Income (ALI), a nonprofit trade organization designed to develop educational, marketing and advocacy programs to promote annuities. We helped found the Alliance for Lifetime Income to help further educate retirement plan participants on the need for protected lifetime income and bring greater understanding of the benefits annuities can offer as part of a well-diversified retirement portfolio.
At TIAA, we view ALI’s work as a supplement to our education and advice programs, which help ensure that the participants we serve understand the value and benefit of having protected lifetime income in their portfolios.
While ALI is in the early portion of its inaugural “Retire Your Risk” campaign, the metrics so far demonstrate that we are beginning to move the needle and positively impact the narrative and perceptions about annuities:
  • The Alliance’s efforts have reached financial advisors and consumers 1.6 billion times across print, digital, TV and social.1
  • The tone of articles in the media about annuities has shifted, with a sizable drop in negative stories and meaningful growth in balanced stories.2
  • ALI has been mentioned in 39 articles and received 117 million earned media impressions.3
  • ALI’s Retire Your Risk site has received nearly 1.7 million visitors.4
  • ALI now has 27,000 followers across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and has been mentioned 6.4 million times and received 7.8 million comments, likes, and shares.5
The Alliance will continue to build on this momentum to drive awareness and interest in annuities, including:
  • Continued TV ads using the theme, “Retire Your Risk.” The Alliance is refining its media buys based on learnings about which placements drive the most interest and web traffic.
  • Launch of the Alliance RISE Score™ , an online tool to help financial advisors and consumers better understand and improve retirement readiness, as well as illustrate how their retirement income may be impacted by factors like market performance, inflation, guaranteed income products and withdrawals from their retirement portfolios.
  • Regular content, originated from both ALI and TIAA, intended to address misconceptions and benefits of annuities. TIAA is the lead member for the most recent piece entitled, “The New Retirement Formula .”
  • Improving the reach and efficiency of ALI’s messages and content to advisors and key influencers.
Our membership in ALI and our participation in this important campaign are ways we continue to deliver on our mission. To learn more about ALI or lifetime income solutions, visit TIAA’s Lifetime Income Solutions and then contact a TIAA representative.
1 Self-identified financial adviser views of ALI websites from June 14, 2018 – January 18, 2019.
2 Based on an independent study conducted by ALI for the period February 10, 2018 – December 31, 2018, where the percentage of weekly positive and balanced articles increased from 84.1% in the period prior to the June 14 launch to 94.6% in Q4.
3 For the period June 14, 2018 – January 18, 2019.
4 For the period June 14, 2018 – March 15, 2019.
5 As of December 2018.