Retirement Plan Comparison Calculator

Retirement Plan Comparison Calculator

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Get a quick comparison of the ORP to the TSERS with the TIAA UNC Retirement Plan Comparison Tool. It's designed to help you estimate and compare possible future benefits using a hypothetical illustration and is based on the information you provide.

We recommend you review the detailed information about both the TSERS and ORP available online at before making your choice. Don't forget, once you make your retirement choice, it cannot be changed.

The University of North Carolina

Note: This tool is not intended to predict actual future returns, benefits, nor progress toward a goal. The calculation performed is purely hypothetical for comparative purposes only. The graphic comparison output is based on user entered information and is in no way guaranteed by TIAA or the employer.

Hypothetical comparison of retirement plans

Now that you've compared the University of North Carolina ORP and TSERS plans, please select the plan that best meets your needs.

Option One

Enroll in ORP and transfer past contributions

Option Two

For TSERS contact your benefits office
Visit our website: or call TIAA 800 842-2888
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