Advice and Education for Retirement Readiness

Employee Engagement

Advice is the key to driving action

Many employees don’t know they have access to advice through their plan; we can give them the personalized support they need whether they have $500 or $5 million.
want advice as part of their employer benefits*
are more confident when they get it**
* LIMRA, Retirement Research, 2013 Not-for-Profit Employees Update
** TIAA 2016 Advice Matters Survey


Our advice offering provides simple and actionable solutions and has for years

48%*of people take action after receiving our advice and:

Saved more
Changed future allocations
Rebalanced or pursued a recommended solution
* TIAA advice analysis of 176,311 participants who received accumulation advice and took action in the 12 months ending 8/30/16. Of the 48% who took at least one action, 11% chose to save more, 32% changed their future allocations and 32% rebalanced their portfolio.

Advice is provided on retirement plan investments using an advice methodology from Morningstar Investment Management, LLC.
Employee Engagement

Improving retirement readiness

Comprehensive, personalized, convenient and actionable advice can help improve retirement readiness. See how retirement plan advice may impact your employees’ outcomes
TIAA 2016 Advice Matters Survey
Darnita Killian, VP for Student Affairs, Spelman College
What to do when

Helping your employees make financial decisions along the way

Starting out

Information to help your employees understand why it is better to start saving for retirement sooner rather than later.

Managing their money

Education for employees on financial planning and budgeting.

Transitioning to retirement

Helping employees understand their options as they transition into retirement.
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This material is for informational or educational purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation or investment advice in connection with a distribution, transfer or rollover, a purchase or sale of securities or other investment property, or the management of securities or other investments, including the development of an investment strategy or retention of an investment manager or advisor. This material does not take into account any specific objectives or circumstances of any particular investor, or suggest any specific course of action. Investment decisions should be made in consultation with an investor’s personal advisor based on the investor’s own objectives and circumstances. Nothing in this document is intended to, nor should it be construed to, suggest the creation a legal partnership or joint enterprise.