Term Life Insurance

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Get the basics

The basics of term life insurance

You pay in

You pay for insurance for a certain time frame —such as 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.
Premiums remain level, and are generally lower than those of permanent insurance, for the same period.

Your policy pays out

If you pass away, the benefit is paid to your beneficiaries.
Get early access to benefits in case of terminal illness.1
We know you care about the world. In addition to the  benefit paid to your beneficiaries. TIAA Life can also pay a benefit to a qualifying charity in your memory at no additional cost to you.2

Good if you want:

  • Affordable coverage for a specific time frame
  • Generally federal income-tax free death benefit3
  • Flexibility to convert to an available TIAA Life permanent policy, without additional medical screening4
1,2,3,4See more details about term insurance

Get the basics

Steps to get life insurance

Getting coverage is quick and easy.*
STEP 1 Choose the best type of insurance for your needs.
STEP 2 Select your policy features and apply for coverage.
STEP 3 Complete a brief medical screening in your home, at no cost to you.
STEP 4 Once approved, review your policy terms and make your first payment.*
*Typically insurance is issued in as few as 3 – 4 weeks after a medical screening. Not everyone who applies will be issued a policy.

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4 TIAA Life's level term suite of products was ranked No. 1 out of 67 life insurance companies considered by Reviews.com. September, 2016
The Average Customer Rating score is determined by calculating the average of all ratings that have been reviewed and approved for posting in accordance with the Terms and Conditions for TIAA Customer Ratings and Review Service. Ratings and reviews are added on an ongoing basis, and the Average Customer Rating score is automatically updated each time ratings and reviews are added.
The rating and review provided by a customer may not be representative of the experiences of all customers and are not necessarily indicative of future experiences. Each investor’s experience may differ. TIAA cannot guarantee the accuracy of the ratings and reviews.

This Level Term life Insurance, policy form series TCL-LPT.1 is issued by TIAA-CREF Life Insurance Company, 730 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017.
Life insurance policies contain exclusions, limitations, reductions of benefits and terms for keeping them in force.  A financial consultant can provide you with costs.