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Since 1918, we’ve been on a mission to help our customers reach their financial goals. Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two. We believe our time-tested investment approach, innovative thinking and commitment to research can help deliver long-term results for you.
2016 survey year-in-review

With you every step of the way

For nearly 100 years, we’ve helped millions of people pursue their financial well-being. Let us provide you with some basic directions to guide you along the way.
2016 Voices of experience survey

What does a successful retirement look like for our customers?

We surveyed 1,500 retirees to have them share their wisdom about a fulfilling retirement.
Advice matters

Advice for everyone

Almost half of Americans surveyed think they need at least $50,000 to meet with a financial advisor. See how personal support benefits you.1
Lifetime income survey

Guaranteed2 monthly income for the rest of your life

Learn about the #1 thing most Americans think their retirement plan should do for them.
Source: 2016 TIAA Lifetime Income Survey
2016 IRA Survey

Making the most of an IRA

Few consider the full range of benefits when choosing an IRA provider.
Income insights

How does the Gender Retirement Gap influence your financial plan?

For a man and a woman to have an equal amount of savings at the moment of retirement, a man would need to save 10% of his salary whereas a woman would need to save 18% of her salary.

You have to be different to make a difference

At TIAA, we’ve been serving people who work at non-profit organizations for almost 100 years. We offer unique investment options and help you focus on long-term outcomes.

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1 Certain products and services are only available to eligible individuals.
2 Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.