Managing your money

Your financial priorities can change throughout your life

Saving for retirement. Mortgage. Paying down debt. They all matter. How do you
decide what to focus on? We can help guide you.
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Top 3 tips for managing your money


Consider saving for retirement

Each time you get a raise, you can add more to your plan. If you’re 50 or older, consider catch-up contributions.

Building an emergency fund

Have enough on hand to cover at least 6 months of expenses.

Plan for other financial goals

You have more than retirement on your mind. Prioritize your short- and mid-term goals.
Financial education

Managing your finances and staying on track

Here are some things to consider as you move forward.
  • Track your spending and savings
  • Save for both short- and long-term goals
  • Review your budget quarterly
  • Look for ways to cut expenses – you would be surprised how little changes add up over time
  • Understand your options if you change jobs
  • Understand your employer match
  • Consider investing as much as you comfortably can
  • Revisit your strategy once a year
  • If your employment situation changes, know your options before you make a change to your retirement savings
Why tiaa

Your money’s stretched in many directions

We can help you get on track and stay there.
Infographic of ways your money can be allocated: coffee, home, travel, health, savings, childcare, etc.
You can get your arms around your finances with our Goal Planner that takes into account your spending and objectives.
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Customer stories

Learn how TIAA customers are managing their money and pursuing their financial goals.
“I’ve been actively involved in my finances so I can meet my goals.”
Instructional technologist
Participant since 2007
“When it comes to finances, stocks, and investing, I go to the experts.”
Medical doctor and entrepreneur
Participant since 1997
“I’ve been careful to choose diversified funds with a company I can trust.”
Director of Academic Programs
Participant since 2012
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IRAs offer tax advantages and can help you plan for the retirement you want.

Setting up an emergency fund

Consider a high yield Money Market account.
These stories describe the circumstances and experiences of specific participants from one or more of the companies in the TIAA organization (“TIAA”).  They may not be representative of the experience of other TIAA customers and is not indicative of future performance or success. Individual results and experiences will vary.
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