Building financial resiliency in times of crisis

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Building financial resiliency in times of crisis

Pandemic has caused financial stress

TIAA's 2020 Financial Resiliency Survey explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Americans' financial situation and resiliency. The survey provides important insights that can help Americans improve their overall financial well-being and stay focused on their future retirement security.

Adversity is changing people's views about what's imporant
Saving for retirement and paying off debt are American's top financial goals
Many people are feeling financially off-track and vulnerable
What contributes to financial resiliency?
Lifetime income is critical to resiliency and retirement security

Click hereOpens PDF to see the full survey results and to learn more about how the pandemic has affected Americans’ financial resiliency.

Methodology: The TIAA Financial Resiliency Survey is an online survey of 3,040 Americans between the ages of 25 to 70 with household income of at least $40,000. The survey was conducted by Greenwald & Associates on behalf of TIAA. The survey was fielded from July 16 to July 29, 2020. The results are weighted by gender, age, household income, education, and race/ethnicity to reflect the distribution of American consumers in these age and income ranges.

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