Join me for a discussion of current market trends at a time of global economic growth

Roger Ferguson, President and Chief Executive Officer
Roger is President and Chief Executive Officer of TIAA. He is also a former Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the U.S. Federal Reserve System.

TIAA senior leaders offer additional insight

Kathie Andrade
Kathie Andrade leads the TIAA retail organization responsible for offering personalized financial advice along with a wide range of banking, investment and retirement products and services.
Brian Nick
Brian Nick
Brian Nick is Chief Investment Strategist for Nuveen, and focuses on identifying market and economic trends, and explains what they mean for long-term investors.
Hans Erickson
Hans Erickson
Hans Erickson is head of the TIAA Multi-Asset Investment Team, which oversees TIAA-CREF Lifecycle and Lifecycle Index strategies and other multi-asset products.
Roger Ferguson, President and CEO, smiling

“Our goal is to help you pursue financial well-being at every stage of your life.”

—Roger Ferguson, TIAA President & CEO
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