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Explore our indispensable library of information to help you manage your institution’s retirement programs and meet your fiduciary responsibilities.

In the Spotlight: Lifetime Income

Your plan’s endgame is for your employees to have enough monthly income to live on throughout retirement. Check out Managing your plan to deliver lifetime income for your employees to learn what you can do to help employees get to and through retirement while meeting your obligations as a plan steward.

Top of Mind

Four questions to guide your fee evaluation process
A lot goes into evaluating a plan’s fees. Asking four key questions can to help plan sponsors make informed decisions.

Lifetime income in defined contribution plans: a fiduciary approach (PDF)
How to meet the fiduciary challenges of the shift from defined benefit to defined contribution plans.

The impact of marriage equality on your benefit plans and employees
With marriage equality the law in all 50 states, find out what it means to retirement plans, plan sponsors and their employees.

A sensible path to sole recordkeeping (PDF)
Sole recordkeeping can simplify plan administration, make fiduciary obligations easier to meet, streamline costs, and enhance employee outcomes and satisfaction. A phased approach to implementing sole recordkeeping can help plan sponsors overcome the difficulties of putting it in place.

The 21st-century retirement model (PDF)
State and municipal governments need a retirement model that combines the best elements of defined contributions and defined benefits to provide sustainable lifetime income for their employees.

Recordkeeping options and retirement readiness (PDF) 
Use this quick-reference guide to assess various recordkeeping models and how they may affect retirement readiness.

The value of advice in a retirement plan (PDF)
Seeking advice and taking action can increase workers’ retirement readiness and boost the odds that they’ll have enough income to last them their whole lives.

Fiduciary Responsibility Series

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Plan Sponsor Challenges Series

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Plan sponsorship has never been easy, and today’s unpredictable financial environment further complicates your role. This series helps guide you through your responsibilities and the regulatory landscape.

Managing your institution’s retirement plans presents an array of challenges — including new ones that emerge with every change in regulation. In this series, we examine issues related to plan design, investment selection, lifetime retirement income and more.

Disruptive Demographics Series

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Beliefs and Behaviors Series

Beliefs and Behaviors Series

Joseph F. Coughlin, Director of MIT AgeLab, examines how demographic trends in the workforce affect retirement planning, employee productivity — and an employer’s bottom line.

Joseph F. Coughlin, Director of MIT AgeLab, shows how plan sponsors can engage employees and affect their financial behavior by tapping into their beliefs about retirement planning and saving.

Aging Workforce Series

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The aging of the U.S. population is notable in higher education, where employees are reaching retirement age in greater proportion than other occupational groups. We examine the financial and psychological impacts of this trend and provide case studies to help leaders implement a cohesive strategy for facing the challenge.