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Administration Services


TIAA provides support and services that simplify day-to-day plan administration tasks for your clients.

Secure plan administrator website

  • Convenient online access to data and plan administration services
  • Publications, forms, employee resources and help
  • Plan, regulatory and participant-level reports

Dedicated service team

  • Lead point of contact for administration and recordkeeping support
  • Assistance with new plans, product and service implementations
  • Backed by dedicated pay-in and pay-out processing teams

Administrator telephone center

  • Representatives with real-time access to your clients' data
  • Assistance with execution of daily responsibilities
  • Support for TIAA’s administrative policies and procedures

Regulatory compliance

TIAA's recordkeeping platform, processing standards and trained teams of professionals are ready to meet your clients’ current and future compliance needs.

Comprehensive Fiduciary and Compliance Services
Governance & Policy Testing & Monitoring Reporting & Notices
Fiduciary education Contribution Limits Financial Reporting Package
Plan document services Loans and hardships Fee Disclosure
Investment services Nondiscrimination Participant notifications

Loan and Hardship Coordination Service

Created in partnership with a leading data aggregation company, Advent Software, Inc., our loan and hardship coordination service:

  • Helps prevent non-compliant transactions before they occur
  • Is Web-based, so transactions are electronic
  • Allows users to view individual and aggregated loan and hardship withdrawal limits
  • Provides compliance data across all vendors
  • Verifies loan and hardship withdrawal limits compliance through enhanced reporting
  • Is open to all vendors
  • Helps ensure data integrity: vendors have access only to information they need and data is used only for compliance-monitoring purposes

Flow Chart of Loan and Hardship Coordination Service

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