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Partnering With You to Deliver Quality Plan Sponsor Solutions

As a plan provider, serving your plan sponsor clients is one of our most important jobs. We seek to simplify their administrative burden and provide plan management and fiduciary services that make their jobs – and your job – easier, while delivering an efficient employee experience that incorporates flexibility and choice to promote retirement readiness.

We believe that an effective retirement plan design should comprise four key components in order to drive better outcomes among plan participants:

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Plan Review
This review is conducted to determine how well the current plan design is meeting the plan’s goals and objectives. Our client-specific evaluation process is based on our extensive experience in the not-for-profit industry.

Experience Modeling
We use industry knowledge and data to model options, assess their resulting impact and view plan feature options across a range of alternatives. Our proprietary modeling tool evaluates, then benchmarks the potential impact of various changes.

Plan Recommendation
We identify, recommend and implement the new plan design with the goal of optimizing plan features. Our experience in the complex not-for-profit market takes into account its unique challenges.


TIAA’s recordkeeping platform, processing standards and specially-trained teams help your plan sponsor clients meet their compliance needs.

We follow best practice processes for plan governance and oversight, incorporating our regulatory knowledge and extensive experience in the evolution of 403(b) plans.

We provide peer and industry benchmarking featuring Plan Outcome AssessmentSM, a proprietary tool that lets plan sponsors measure their plan’s success and benchmark it against the largest 403(b) database in the industry.

Plan administrators will have access to services and tools that can help them drive efficient plan management. Capabilities take into account the unique features and needs of 403(b) plans.

Service model assessment
This assessment helps identify optimal model with a process that provides options for one-time or step-by-step changes.

Plan Economics Reviews
Although our fees are among the lowest in the industry, we regularly review plan economics to understand, control and manage the plan’s costs.


Lifetime Income Options
TIAA has proven, low cost, in-plan annuities with a history of financial strength and an ability to pay that is unparalleled in the industry.

Open Architecture
Our platform includes more than 15,000 mutual funds from leading investment providers. Open architecture mutual fund options are offered side-by-side with our income options on a single platform.

Self-Directed Brokerage
Our newly-enhanced brokerage portal provides access to full investment options, supported by award-winning investment management and proven long-term performance.

Strategic Investment Menu Design
The menu design aligns with the plan’s objectives and demographics. It addresses fiduciary concerns and emphasizes a simplified menu with options for all levels of sophistication and age.


TIAA helps drive retirement readiness by engaging employees with a unique combination of CE&A services delivered via multiple channels – online, by phone, in person and/or by email – to suit their individual goals and preferences:

Our targeted, life stage-based communication and education programs drive employee engagement.
Our proprietary life stage targeting increases relevancy of message to drive engagement

Personalized Advice
Our one-on-one personalized advice drives action. Experienced advisors consider participants full financial picture to make fund-specific recommendations.

Materials, seminars and online planning tools educate employees and enable them to fully assess all available options. Multi-channel education, tools and advice take into account the unique needs of 403(b) plans and participants.

Participant Website
Our easy-to-use, award-winning website facilitates account management and action with state-of-the-art navigation, tools and transaction capabilities.

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