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The Large-Cap Blend investment strategy seeks to generate long-term total returns that outpace those of its benchmark, the S&P 500® Index.

The portfolio management team seeks to invest in equity securities of larger, well-established companies that they believe are attractively valued, demonstrate superior absolute and relative earnings growth, and offer a growing stream of dividend income. The strategy has a high-quality bias and consists of what the investment team believes to be the most attractively valued growth stocks in this market sector.

The portfolio management team conducts fundamental analysis and meets with companies’ senior management teams to uncover the potential for revenue and earnings growth. The team utilizes a bottom-up, valuation-driven approach to identify companies with sound business structures and practices, strong market position with defensible franchises, positive cash flow, and the ability to redeploy to maintain growth. A history of consistent dividend growth is a further consideration.

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Susan Kempler

Susan Kempler 
CPA, Managing Director,
Global Equities