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The simplicity of an all-in-one solution such as a lifecycle fund is extremely appealing to retirement savers. It likely comes as no surprise that use of these products has spread far and wide, especially among younger investors. But not all lifecycle funds are created equal. Many who choose them fail to consider the effect that differences in fund design can have on retirement readiness. With your guidance, clients can see the following benefits, which come from working with an experienced investment manager that provides active and index options designed to maximize growth and income through today’s longer retirements..

Lifecycle Funds - Target Date Graphic

Get the story behind the stars.
Returns tell only part of a performance story. It’s equally important to look at how much risk a manager “spends” to achieve those returns. That’s why Morningstar takes risk into account when assigning their coveted star ratings. And we’re happy to report that the TIAA Lifecycle Funds have earned high marks, (As of 6/30/15 5 stars - 86%, 4 stars - 14%) as shown above.2

Lower Expenses than Most Other Lifecycle Funds

Learn more about why low fees matter.

A Glidepath Designed for Longer Lifespans

One of the most vital features of a lifecycle fund is its glidepath, which determines how the investment mix changes over time. TIAA-CREF has nearly 100 years' experience helping people prepare for retirement and more than 60 years managing asset allocation strategies. This expertise around asset allocation, risk management and age appropriateness is built into the funds.

Lifecycle Funds Target Date Chart

See why our glidepath may work better for clients.

A Comprehensive Risk Management Framework

Our Lifecycle Funds benefit from the deep resources and risk/reward expertise of the funds’ managers, as well as those who run the underlying investments. When it comes to risk, we look beyond diversifying across asset class in three important ways.

Discover the three additional ways we work to manage risk.

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