Innovative Investing

TIAA-CREF Asset Management manages a wide range of assets spanning a variety of portfolios. Learn more about how we implement our innovative investment strategies through these short case studies from around the globe.

685 Third Avenue Redevelopment Project


Real estate investing at TIAA builds on the idea of unlocking generational value that can come from a property. Whereas many other investing institutions focus on the short-term returns of properties, TIAA takes a long-term approach and sees real estate investments as investment journeys that may take many years to realize. Even in property acquisitions, TIAA patiently executes investments when the organization deems the real estate market is at its most likely state for gaining returns for the organization and participants.

Within real estate, TIAA leverages two major competitive advantages: brand value and an established team of seasoned investors.


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Through a global real estate portfolio spanning office, retail, industrial and multi-family properties, TIAA affects millions of people across the world in how they live, work and shop.

TIAA made its first real estate investments in 1947, and today is one of the largest commercial real estate owners in the nation1 with over $17 billion in real estate assets2.