Innovative Investing

TIAA-CREF Asset Management manages a wide range of assets spanning a variety of portfolios. Learn more about how we implement our innovative investment strategies through these short case studies from around the globe.

Growth in Global Markets


TIAA has been investing in equities for over 60 years and international markets since 1972. With over $180 billion in equity assets under management1, TIAA’s approach has evolved to reflect the global nature of markets and industries.

Today, business is global. Companies are going global and it’s important to look at markets from a global perspective in order to spot trends and find growth areas. With the current growth in international markets right now, we want to be able to capture some of that growth. And, being globally diversified can also mean potentially less risk on the portfolio side.

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Our Global Equity Research team sets us apart. Forty industry analysts and more than 10 research associates watch their industries, conduct deep research, interact with company management teams, and feed that information to our portfolio management team.

An important trend in the global markets today is growth of the Chinese and Indian economies and the impact these developing countries are having on the global economy.