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We provide low-cost investments with asset accumulation and lifetime income options on a single open-architecture platform. Available to employees by an employer under a 403(b) tax-deferred annuity plan, our supplemental retirement plans are a tax-deferred way to help build extra retirement assets.

Starting a supplemental retirement plan authorizes the employer to set aside a portion of your client's salary and place it in the allocation options selected. Because contributions are in pre-tax dollars, the client has less taxable income and owes less in federal income tax: taxes are due only when earnings are taken as income. In general, contribution limits vary each year by individual and withdrawals are subject to restrictions and a 10% penalty before age 59½.

About TIAA Annuities:

  • Annuity expense ratios are at least 50% lower than the industry average of mutual funds and 75% lower than other annuities*
  • In-plan annuity investing over time can drive income up to 25% higher
  • TIAA is the only Top 3 provider able to recordkeep annuities

*According to Morningstar Direct (June 30, 2013) the expense ratio on TIAA mutual funds and variable annuities is less than half the mutual fund industry average.

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