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We at TIAA recognize the important role independent financial advisors play in delivering services to plan sponsors and participants. We work closely with advisors to drive the best retirement outcomes for participants in the not-for-profit market, as evidenced by replacement income levels within TIAA-administered plans that are among the highest in the industry.

We work with advisors in a number of ways at the plan and participant levels to support effective service delivery. These efforts help advisors grow their business, help plan sponsors integrate advisor services into their plans, and support participants as they plan for a secure retirement.1

Plan Level

For advisors who provide traditional plan-level services and/or communication and education services, TIAA supports their relationships with plan sponsors and facilitates fee payment directly from plan assets. Fee arrangements vary based on such factors as services provided, plan sponsor preferences and plan economics.

Participant Level

Plan sponsors can utilize one of several models to give plan participants access to investment advisory services via local independent Registered Investment Advisors. Fees can be deducted directly from the participant’s plan accumulation in each of these models:

Participant Choice Model
Participants can work with any SEC or State Registered Investment Adviser who has an established operational relationship with TIAA.

Participant Choice Plus Network
As with the Participant Choice Model, participants can work with any SEC or State Registered Investment Advisor or choose one from the pre-screened advisors in the TIAA Advisor Network.

Network Only
Participants may work only with advisors in the TIAA Advisor Network

Retirement Advisory Alliance
For plan sponsors who wish to work with specific advisors, TIAA offers the Retirement Advisory Alliance program through the Advisor Network. Under this program, TIAA provides recordkeeping services, and the selected local advisor delivers general communication and education and investment advisory services. The advisor receives plan-level fees for communication and education services. In addition, the advisor receives advisory fees only from participants who receive investment advisory services.

Whichever of these models is chosen, participants can pay investment advisory fees directly from plan accumulations with pre-tax dollars. The plan may set maximum fee limits for these services.

Even if a plan has not adopted one of the independent RIA models, an advisor still can be authorized to access information and manage TIAA plan assets on a participant’s behalf.

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