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As the leading provider of retirement plans in the not-for-profit market with a history of nearly 100 years of serving these communities, we work with you every step of the way to help you address the needs of all of your not-for-profit clients and prospects.

Our unique consultative approach incorporates four critical components: plan design, investment platform, employee engagement and plan management. In our extensive experience with not-for-profit institutions, this combination of elements drives some of the best employee outcomes, evidenced by the fact that replacement income levels within TIAA-administered plans are among the highest in the industry.1

How we work with retirement advisors 

Weekly Market Perspective

Weekly Market Perspective

Benefits of TIAA’s responsible investment in farmland.

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White Papers & Thought Leadership

Target-date funds: Improving diversification with direct real estate (PDF)

2017 Second Quarter Economic and Investment Outlook: Nearing euphoria, but far from utopia (PDF)

The Fed raises interest rates: impact on asset classes

2017 Outlook: A new era of populism, stimulus and growth

Market volatility: causes and effects (PDF)

PLANADVISER recently interviewed Managing Director Tim Walsh on key trends in the retirement industry related to plan participants.

View the transcript of Part A. (PDF)
View the transcript of Part B. (PDF)

White Paper
Retirement Plans, Policies and Practices in Higher Education (PDF)

White Paper
Early or Phased Retirement Incentive Programs for Higher Ed (PDF)

White Paper
Learn how investment menu changes helped improve a Northwestern institution's plan (PDF)

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TIAA provides numerous resources for financial advisors.

Investment Data Center
Recent commentary
Not-for-profit market update  (PDF)
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TIAA Traditional...account balances grow everyday. Watch the TIAA Traditional video to learn more about one of our flagship products.

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