Everyone dreams of how they’ll spend time when they retire. Some people want to vacation, start a new hobby or give back to society. Here’s a hypothetical example of how we can help our clients achieve their goals

Make your dream a reality

Vivian retired after a successful career. Her husband recently passed away and left her with an estate worth more than $2 million and a life insurance policy. She’s always dreamed of teaching art in South America, but needs help managing her significant nest egg.

Her Advisor updates her personal profile that covers issues like: determining her financial goals, risk tolerance and financial analysis.

Vivian meets her Advisor for a financial review and answers in-depth questions about her financial goals, her risk tolerance and her investment management preferences. Based on their conversation, her Advisor recommends Private Asset Management1 as an investment solution. With Private Asset Management, she’ll receive her own dedicated portfolio manager who will handle the day-to-day management of her portfolio.

Vivian wants to have input into the level of plan personalization that will allow her to pursue her dream career with greater confidence.

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