In order to ensure TIAA upholds its core mission of serving our clients and participants, a structure of accountability was established in the early days of the organization and remains intact to this day.

TIAA Board of Overseers

For TIAA's first twenty years, its corporate stock was owned by Carnegie Corporation of New York, which provided TIAA's $1 million endowment grant.

Due to rapid growth in the 1930s, Carnegie Corporation and TIAA agreed that ownership of TIAA should be transferred to a new nonprofit company. In 1938, Carnegie Corporation turned over ownership of TIAA to the new company, named Trustees of T.I.A.A. Stock.

In 1989, Trustees of T.I.A.A. Stock was renamed TIAA Board of Overseers.

The TIAA Board of Overseers

  • Normally seven members, each serving a seven-year term
  • Meets at least twice a year
  • Does not directly supervise TIAA management, but elects the members of the TIAA Board of Trustees
  • Approves amendments to TIAA's charter and bylaws
  • Fills vacancies by appointment
  • Includes members from diverse backgrounds, many with strong connections to education and/or business

The TIAA president and chief executive officer is a member of the Board of Overseers.

Overseers’ Biographies


TIAA Board of Trustees

The TIAA Board of Trustees comprises 13 individuals who oversee the management of TIAA. They are primarily independent trustees, that is, “outside” individuals who are not executive officers or former employees of TIAA or CREF.

Trustees’ Biographies

TIAA Board Committees

Trustees on the operating boards work largely through committees, which meet frequently and shape TIAA and CREF policies. They oversee operations and propose actions to each full board. Memberships below are effective May 17, 2012.


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