Michelle Patello

Wealth Management Advisor

B.S., Business Management, University of Illinois at Chicago
Employee and participant since 2014
Fort Collins/Northern Colorado, CO
Michelle held several high-level banking positions before moving to Colorado to start a new life with her husband and infant son. Prior to her employment at TIAA, Michelle established and operated an independent financial advising practice. She has been a member of various Committees and Chambers of Commerce for Women in Business.

What do you enjoy most about working at TIAA?

I have the ability and genuine desire to develop solid relationships every day I come to work. My clients reveal personal information about their lives, and entrust me to collaborate with them to tailor a plan for their financial future.

How do you explain what you do to people outside of the industry?

It is my responsibility to educate clients on the missing pieces of the retirement-saving puzzle that will bring the elements together to serve their needs and help them achieve their dreams.

Describe the importance of sustainable/socially responsible investing.

I believe we all have the opportunity to play a part in preserving our world for future generations. Through smart investing, each of us has a chance to take one step in that direction.

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