Carlos Morales

Consultant, National Contact Center

Employee and participant since 2013
Charlotte, NC
Carlos spent two decades working in the hospitality industry before switching to a career in financial services. He joined TIAA in 2013, bringing valuable customer service experience with him.

Describe your first few days at TIAA.

My first few days at TIAA were great. The trainers and the staff in general made me feel so welcome — asking me every day if there was anything I needed. I knew right away that TIAA was the right place for me.

Where do your best ideas come from?

My best ideas come when I’m on the phone helping clients. Creativity is part of the equation: Thinking and brainstorming with my team members in order to come up with new ways that we can put the customer first. Each new challenge is an opportunity to better serve the next client, so each day's experience is valuable.

Who has inspired you most in your life and why?

Growing up, my maternal grandfather inspired me.  He was always helping other people and would always do the right thing—regardless of the consequences. When I wonder how I should handle any situation, I always think of his positive example.

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